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  • Are We Asking Too Much Of Our Inner Apes?

    Are We Asking Too Much Of Our Inner Apes?

    We are mammals- great apes if we’re going to be precise – who live in the same natural world as our fellow mammals and animals. We’ve built giant concrete ‘trees’ to live in and we pick our fruit from inside even bigger communal concrete ‘trees’. Regardless of our stone homes and motor-driven ‘vines’ that we…

  • A Little Bit About Flower Remedies

    A Little Bit About Flower Remedies

    Well hello again! It’s been quite a year for the entire world between March 2020 and March 2021. Health and healing have understandably topped many peoples list of priorities, including mine. Rising to the top of this list was also the importance of mental wellbeing. The stress of a pandemic and lockdowns have taken their…

  • My Week So Far

    My Week So Far

    Hello Peeps, Today marks the first day of “Roadmap out of Lockdown” for us here in England (Scotland, Wales and Ireland have different rules). England’s educational places are open again from today which will be a big change for a lot of people. I think if my son were still school age, I would have…

  • The Need for Comedy

    The Need for Comedy

    ‘Ello me old chinas, Well it’s a rum old time at the moment in the UK, I must say. What with Brexit, Covid and the freezing temps it’s ruddy taters out there. Cor blimey, at least some of are getting a bit of rest while the country’s gone ding dong. I think lockdown is getting…

  • Self-Care during Covid

    Self-Care during Covid

    As I write, we are currently in our third lockdown to protect us and our healthcare systems from Covid-19.  I managed reasonably well during the previous two because the NHS was coping pretty well (considering!) and things seemed reasonably under control(ish?). This time round, I’m finding things pretty stressful. I’m having more ‘what if’ thoughts…

  • Tier 4 Times

    Tier 4 Times

    It’s January. Looking out of my office window, I see sullen grey skies and sodden ground. It’s very, very cold and I keep huddling closer to the little radiator next to me. I know I should go and put a jumper on, but I don’t want to move. I could go and make a Nice…

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