Gathering The Grimoire

Coming Spring 2024

I know for many of us, creating a record of our magical practise can feel overwhelming or too time consuming. I’d love to help you find the joy in creating your grimoire or reignite your magical spark if you’ve created one but lost your way with it. (I’ve definitely been there!)

‘Gathering the Grimoire’ sessions will be all about you having a space where you feel safe to explore what you’d really like your grimoire to be. No judgement – just inspiration, exploration and discovery! There will also be creative and practical help alongside, so you don’t feel thrown in at the deep end!

Anyone can be part of the Gathering the Grimoire sessions – total beginners to seasoned grimoire users – everyone’s welcome.

The grimoire sessions are still bubbling away in the cauldron at this stage, so now is a great time to say if there’s anything you’d really love me to include.

I’m aiming to offer workshops, groups and possibly one to one sessions, all of these can be online or in person.

I’m looking to start around February/March time in 2024 (it’s such a good season to start throwing creative energy around!). No doubt, by then, the Grimoire brew will have bubbled over with lots of creative ideas!

There will be more details to come over the next few weeks.Keep an eye on Healing Hearthfire over on Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram to see the latest updates!

If you would like more details as they happen and/or would like to be added to the waiting list, by all means email me on…

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