Gathering The Grimoire

A workshop for bringing your Grimoire to life

We are in the process of planning the next workshop to be held in Kent.

I know for many of us, creating a record of our magical practise can feel overwhelming or too time consuming. I’d love to help you find the joy in creating your grimoire or reignite your magical spark if you’ve created one but lost your way with it. (I’ve definitely been there!)

My aim with this workshop is to energise and inspire your connection with your grimoire. It’s an opportunity to go back-to-basics and build a solid foundation for your magical journal-keeping.

Everyone who attends will be given a simple blank A4 notebook to practise on. It will be yours to take home afterwards. You can choose to use it however you wish!

Anyone can be part of the Gathering the Grimoire sessions – total beginners to seasoned grimoire users, whether you have a magical practice or not – everyone’s welcome.

Workshop Contents

  • Recognising the ancient roots of modern grimoires
  • Practical considerations for choosing and using your grimoire
  • Your own A4 plain paper notebook to use and take home
  • Clearing and charging your grimoire using chants, charms and more
  • Creating/finding content that reflects you & your magic
  • Grimoire prompts and inspirations
  • Banishing perfectionism and fear of mistakes
  • Protecting your grimoire from unwanted energies
  • Building a magical relationship with your grimoire
  • Magical worksheets to take home

Tea/herbal tea/coffee and biscuits! (Gluten & dairy free available)

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