About Sasha

For my whole life, I have longed to combine everything I love into some form of work life. I’ve learned so many different things over the years that it seemed ruddy impossible to bring everything together.

Now I realise that by being as Sasha-ful as I possibly can, everything just comes together and forms the unique energy that is me, Sasha MacDonald.

I’m finally owning my “Sasha-ness”. Turns out, I’m simply here to be me and shine my light – who knew? (who knew? Well, quite a few people actually but I didn’t believe them for the longest time)

It took me 48 years to spot that I have a light under my bushel. Hell, I couldn’t even see the bushel, let alone the light! Now the fascinating process of clearing the way begins. (Insert your own jokes about trimming bushels here).

I’m exactly where I need to be and I’m ready for this adventure.

Can you tell I’m excited for this?! I should tell/warn you that I am an overgrown Labrador Of Enthusiasm when it comes this mission.  I will metaphorically wag my tail furiously when I see you, gallop alongside you when we’re on to something and sit by your side when you want moments of contemplation. (If you offer me food, I will be your bestest-friend forever, obvs.)

I’m a Londoner who loves the countryside

Cats, dogs, horses, rainbow colours, books, comedy and tea all keep me sane

I’m a proud neurodivergent (ADHD flavour)

I’m unstoppably creative and I love anything to do with artistic expression

I’ve wrestled with depression, anxiety and OCD

I’m tall, friendly and clumsy (think Miranda Hart crossed with Dawn French)

I’m part Irish, part English – with a dash of Scandinavian thrown in for good measure (A Viking-Celtic-Anglo-Saxon!)

I’m a card-carrying Pagan and have been since I was a teenager (back in the Middle Ages)

I’m a mum to my beloved son Joe who is a truly joyous energy in the world.

I’m married to a highlander called Donnie and we are on a huge adventure through life together.

handwritten Sasha name

Want to know a bit more?

  • In Tarot Terms, I’m a Queen of Wands (Warm, Friendly, Creative, Loves Cats)
  • In Myers Briggs, I’m an ENTP (The Inventor/Debater/Annoying type who wants to know “why” all the time)
  • In astrology I’m a Sagittarian (Warm, Friendly, Optimistic, Adventurer, Loves to Learn, Trips over a Lot)
  • In Gretchen Rubin’s ‘Four Tendencies’ I’m an Obliger (very annoyed about this, as most Obliger types are)
  • If I was a colour, I’d be the whole damn rainbow (could NOT choose just one colour!)….ok,ok, I choose red. Haaaaa!
  • If I was a song, I’d be “Bring Me Sunshine” (If you don’t love Morecambe and Wise, we may have to have words)
  • If I was a car, I’d be an original bright red VW Camper Van (alarming tendency to overheat, dislikes climbing hills but just LOVES to explore)
  • If I was a food, I’d be strawberry trifle – more layers than you’d think and delights or horrifies people in equal measure
  • If I was a drink, I’d be a huge mug of piping-hot builders tea – comforting and fortifying to anyone who needs it
  • I’m a ball of contradictions, colours and contrariness – you could say I’m multi-coloured and you’d be right.

About Donnie


I want to live in a world that is in balance (and maybe even a world that allows us to be ourselves!) I’ve made it my mission to help people like you figure out what’s really important so that you can live your life in alignment with who you really are.

My work with you is all about finding your version of success (whatever that may be).

I’m part coach, part pagan with a dash of autism. I’m definitely a unique mix! This has gifted me with an uncanny knack of seeing a person’s true energy and capability (even when they can’t see it themselves).

I love creating a supportive, safe space for people to figure out who they really are and what is important to them. I find joy in helping people discover what they really need to feel fulfilled in life. I chose this path because I feel strongly about people having the time and space to rediscover their truth.

I was born in Edinburgh and grew up in the Highlands of Scotland. My soul still holds the peace gained in the wilds of the West Highland coast. University life in Edinburgh and later, work life in London were the early stages of a career in Electrical Engineering. Finding my first proper job took me to another wild place – this time Exmoor in Somerset.

Twenty years later, I was high up in blue-chip corporate management. I was well-paid, well-qualified, highly experienced and with good prospects for further promotion.

And I was dying inside.

I was miserable, overwhelmed, exhausted and unfulfilled.

So, in 2009, I left the corporate ‘life’, retrained, and joined my wife to run our own coaching practice together.  Thirteen years later, here I am – happier, healthier, and wiser – and still happily coaching some amazing people.

I really love my work because I enjoy making a difference to peoples’ lives. The most amazing things happen when people see their true capabilities. I really do believe that people are capable of incredible transformations when given a little time, safe space, and the right support.

Donnie in winter woodland

Ten Things You Need to Know About Me

  • If I offer help, I am 100% invested in helping you!
  • I create and hold a safe space for people wherever they are
  • I recharge my batteries in ‘quiet space’
  • My autism is a superpower in my coaching work
  • My autism style is “problem -solver”
  • I love tech and gadgets, but I don’t automatically leap to buy the latest thing
  • I don’t always do small talk very well
  • Good quality dark chocolate works for me!
  • I am human too, fallible and with vulnerabilities

Ten Words to Describe Me

  • Calm
  • Reassuring
  • Insightful
  • Thinker
  • Problem-Solver
  • Puzzler
  • Cyclist
  • Logical
  • Different
  • Highlander

Five Beliefs That I Hold

  • Everyone can grow and transform
  • I can coach people in their area of need, no matter what subject
  • People want to feel good about themselves
  • Nature is powerful and we need to treat her well
  • Humans are diverse creatures, let’s celebrate that