Keeping the old ways alive

Healing Hearthfire is exploring the old ways and reminding ourselves of the traditional wisdoms that help and heal.


Gathering The Grimoire

Step-by step support to create your grimoire, your way.


Choosing a grimoire to suit your needs

Clearing and enchanting your grimoire

Creating and/or gathering grimoire contents that you love

Banishing perfectionism and ‘not feeling ready’

Protecting your grimoire from unwanted energies

Next date and venue to be announced soon.


The Healing Hearthfire is all about keeping ‘the old ways’ alive and kicking in the 21st century. Whether it’s shining a light on folk magic or finding new ways to practice in modern day.

The Healing Hearthfire wants to champion pagans, witches and alternative path-walkers in the UK and around the world. 

Over the years, our work has slowly woven itself into a path of folk magic, art, history, vibrational medicine, magical plant working and divination (to mention a few!). 

We wanted to bring all our passions together in one place. We also wanted to create a space where people could find warmth, reassurance and support. So, The Healing Hearthfire was born as a gathering place for all these things.

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