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The Rise of The Sensitives

In recent years, those with heightened sensitivity to all that the world has to offer have experienced something of a renaissance. It’s been a slow, tentative shift but the Highly Sensitive People are beginning to see the recognition they so richly deserve.

Slowly, parts of the world are noticing the benefits of living with those who have sensitive superpowers. Highly Sensitive People (HSP’s) are among the most effective social animals on the planet. We have the ability to listen, empathise and mediate where others fear to tread. We can sense what a person needs often before that person consciously realises they need it. We feel when things are off kilter and we often instinctively know how to put them right.

The thing about HSPs is that we care. Boy, do we CARE. We care extraordinarily deeply about everything from how our friends and family feel, to the agonies of global issues. It can be a blessing and a curse but it’s a powerful force for good.

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This is genuinely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the superpowers of an HSP. There is a long, long list of advantages that this personality trait brings to the table. Needless to say, there is also a list of challenges that go alongside these superpowers. Heck, even Superman had Kryptonite!

Scientific research has revealed that Highly Sensitive People make up approximately 25% of the global population. That’s a lot of sensitive people who can make a difference to how we all perceive and interract with each other. There is a wealth of treasure in allowing the HSP’s to blossom and take their place on the various platforms for Change-Makers. This post is just scratching the surface of the surface on the subject of being a Highly Sensitive Person, so I won’t be delving into everything this time…but just imagine how different the world could feel with more HSP’s in positions of influence.


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